Do you know your units?

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Question 1

How often have you had 6 or more units on a single occasion in the last year?

Question 2

How often during the last year have you failed to do what was normally expected from you because of your drinking?

Question 3

How often during the last year have you been unable to remember what happened the night before because you had been drinking?

Question 4

Has a relative or friend, doctor or other health worker been concerned about your drinking or suggested that you cut down?

Question 5

How often do you have a drink containing alcohol?

Question 6

How many units of alcohol do you drink on a typical day when you are drinking?

Question 7

How often during the last year have you found that you were not able to stop drinking once you had started?

Question 8

How often during the last year have you needed an alcoholic drink in the morning to get yourself going after a heavy drinking session?

Question 9

How often during the last year have you had a feeling of guilt or remorse after drinking?

Question 10

Have you or somebody else been injured as a result of your drinking?

Question 11

What drink would you normally consume?

How many drinks on average would you have in an average week?

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UK Chief Medical Officers’ Low Risk Drinking Guidelines Following a full review of evidence and a period of public consultation the UK Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) have replaced the existing 1995 ‘Sensible’ alcohol advice with an updated ‘Low Risk’ Drinking Guideline. As well as revising the weekly guideline for unit consumption for men (bringing it into line with that of women at <14 units), the emphasis of the new guideline is that there can no longer be considered to be any “safe” level of alcohol consumption in the population.

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